Image is everything!

Today, young ladies are bombarded with images of themselves that are either under-dressed or intentionally exposing body parts that should be left to the imagination. With this, many young ladies are intrigued by such images and far too often view them as their version of a role model. Moreover, too many young ladies believe that emulating such an image makes them beautiful. Young ladies must be taught that character, behavior and moral values dictate one’s beauty and how others view them.

My main objective in developing a mentor program is to teach young ladies to discover beauty within themselves and explore their personal strengths . This program will allow young ladies to speak freely about their fears and dreams in a safe, non-judgmental environment; meet successful, well-respected young women; and explore how their natural beauty, positive self-image and poise can be their greatest assets. Through this enriching program, young ladies will explore and recognize their own power to dictate how others view them simply by following a few steps.

Mentors will prepare the young ladies to hone the traits they will need to successfully navigate through today’s challenges.

This mentor program promises to transition girls into confident, self-assured young ladies… the essential traits for a successful future.

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