Do You Really Want Advice?

Scenario: You ask your stylist what you should do about your hair. Your stylist then advises you on how to maintain healthy hair in the future, only for you to tell your stylist, "NO, THAT'S NOT WHAT I THINK WE SHOULD DO”.  You've declined the advice you JUST asked for. Here is my view: Find a stylist and immediately begin to ... More

StandUp for MeToo

  In support of the “ME TOO” movement I’m starting my #StandUP campaign to inspire us to do just that STANDUP! I pray that these shirts inspire and uplift you. A portion of the proceeds will go to my favorite charities: -National Leadership Commission of HIV and Aids -#Turnsmart (better decisions Healthy choices) ... More

Blood Type Eating

Weight loss, control allergies, aid in hair and scalp issues etc., help fibroids and thyroid problems. Blood type testing is a painless test, with only a finger prick of blood I can tell you your blood type so that we can proceed with a plan of action for a Healthier life . (This test is not covered by insurance. So your doctor will ... More

Welcome to my site!

I am Rochelle Mosley. I’ve been a hairstylist for 28 years, I have learned that people trust and believe in their hairstylist. I have coined myself one of the best in this industry. Not only am I an awesome stylist, I am a great listener, teacher and mentor to My clients and the community. I use my social media platform to encourage ... More