Do You Really Want Advice?

Can You Handle The Truth?

Scenario: You ask your stylist what you should do about your hair. Your stylist then advises you on how to maintain healthy hair in the future, only for you to tell your stylist, “NO, THAT’S NOT WHAT I THINK WE SHOULD DO”.  You’ve declined the advice you JUST asked for.

Here is my view:

Find a stylist and immediately begin to build a trusting relationship with him or her. Often times a clients ask questions about hair care or style choice, however they don’t always want to hear the truth. As a client, you want to hear what YOU think is better and not necessarily what your stylist thinks is healthier and/or manageable. My advice: Let go, relax and trust the professional. Allow your stylist to do his/her job and guide you through your healthy hair care needs. Your stylist’s job is to keep up with the latest trends in hair care, equipment and training. If your stylist is not staying current, I suggest that you find a new one. It is perfectly ok…sometimes change is good. If you are currently with a stylist you love and you don’t want to leave, challenge your stylist to pursue advance training. Open communication with your stylist is key to a trusting relationship.  Remember, a closed mouth will not get fed.

Sometimes clients ask for styles that are not achievable for their hair texture. When choosing a style, keep texture in mind other wise the style will not look the way it is envisioned in your head.

Lastly, a client might choose a style in hopes of looking like the person you see in magazine or out in the public. My advice: Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself or your stylist! Your stylist is a beautician not a magician. Be realistic about what you can achieve and be prepared to receive honest feedback.