StandUp for MeToo

#StandUp for #MeToo


In support of the “ME TOO” movement I’m starting my #StandUP campaign to inspire us to do just that STANDUP!

I pray that these shirts inspire and uplift you. A portion of the proceeds will go to my favorite charities:
-National Leadership Commission of HIV and Aids
-#Turnsmart (better decisions Healthy choices)

The gift that looks good on you is ‘being a woman !!!!
The gift that keeps on giving ,being a woman!!!!
Stand up !!! We are born to replenish the earth .
Stand up!!!! Speak your truth
Stand up!!!!! He can see your pain
Stand up!!!! A new Day is on the horizon
Stand up !!!! Open your eyes so that you don’t miss this show
Stand up!!!! This is your time !!!
The gift “that” looks good on you is being a woman !!!
Stand up!!!!!🧚🏿‍♀️
#metoomovement #standup #horizon #women #newday #thegifted #speakyourtruth

Check out our shop to purchase yours.

Sizes available for women, men & children!

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