Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my site.

I am Rochelle Mosley. I’ve been a hairstylist for 28 years, I have learned that people trust and believe in their hairstylist. I have coined myself one of the best in this industry. Not only am I an awesome stylist, I am a great listener, teacher and mentor to My clients and the community.

I use my social media platform to encourage and support people and their person growth. Getting a great stylist is awesome but when you have a person grooming you that really care about your well being is one of the best feelings life can offer. Ask yourself what is life without an awesome stylist? The answer is life is a blur!!!!!

I know my clients and community need me and I need them as well.

With all my community efforts:
Mentoring young Girls
Breast cancer brunches
Thanksgiving food giveaway
Christmas coat drive

I have set a standard that I can only pray that when I’m not here, the next salon or stylist will continue to carry the crown.

When you have a small business the community is all we have so taking care of the people has always been my goal.

Currently, I am Rochelle Hunter Mosley Certified Trichology Practitioner. Trichology is the study of Hair and scalp disorders. Now I’m able to help people from a scientific point of view with their hair and scalp issues.

I look forward to helping you 🙂