Blood Type Eating

Benefits of Blood Type Eating

Weight loss, control allergies, aid in hair and scalp issues etc., help fibroids and thyroid problems.

Blood type testing is a painless test, with only a finger prick of blood I can tell you your blood type so that we can proceed with a plan of action for a Healthier life .
(This test is not covered by insurance. So your doctor will charge $275-$350 for this test . At Salon804 we can do it for $60, that will include your blood type book to take home.)
-Blood types
A- Vegetarian diet
B- No chicken, beef or pork
AB- Eat Seafood, dairy and green veggies. Avoid caffeine and alcohol
O- Animal protein is very beneficial

For an example: if you are O blood type and you are not eating meat at least 3-4 times a week, you may see Hair lose or skin problems etc. Because O blood type needs meat.

It’s very important to know your blood type. When you know better you do better.

Blood type testing and meal planning is available at Salon804.

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